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Serbian Metal Bands Coming To Germany 2023

Serbian bands Alitor (prog thrash) and Quasarborn (post thrash) bands will perform this September in Germany.
Shows in Siegen, at the Heavy Metal Fans Festival (September 15th) and Juze Backnang (September 16th), are part of the mini German tour called “Balkan Metal Tempest”. These bands performed last year in both cities and did two of the best shows on their previous European tour.

Crowds in both cities will be able to enjoy once again high-intensity shows, tons of good riffs, screams, headbanging, and positive energy from both bands! If you like speed and technical metal, combined with melody, mixture of traditional and new – these are the shows for you!

Details about upcoming German shows can be found in the links below:

15th September – Heavy Metal Fans Festival, Club Vortex Siegen

Performing with the legendary Bay Area thrash metal bands Blind Illusion. Lineup: Alitor, Quasarborn, Blind Illusion.
Festival will have the metal market open at 5pm while the shows starts at 7pm.

Tickets can be ordered here.

16th September – Aktion Judgenzentrum, Backnang

Performing with the local support – Smoke Sun.
Ticket price: 10e on the entrance.
Starting at 8pm.

Bands will bring a lot of merch, so if you want to support the tour – here is the chance!